Normally it takes 1-3 working days to process the loan application.

2 emergency contacts are needed.

Yes, we accept any bills with your full address.

Yes, you may apply loan with one guarantor (Malaysian).

It is required as an acknowledgement between Swoon-Lea Credit Sdn Bhd and the loan applicant. Hence, the Company is allowed to perform a financial checking on the loan applicant during loan application process.


You may go to HOW TO PAY page to find out more.

You are advised to go to the bank to obtain your CDM receipt. Your payment status will not be updated until we have received your proof of payment.

Yes, you may call 04-5402222 for the inquiries. Our customer service team will assist you to get your early settlement quotation. Please make payment within the validity period that we have provided you.

Our representative bank will take time to process your direct debit registration. Before the approval of registration, you are still requested to make payment for your instalment manually.

After the approval of registration, please ensure sufficient amount of fund is in your bank account to enable the direct debit payment to go through smoothly.

Yes, we provide various payment channels for you to pay your instalment. You may call 04-5402222 to cancel your direct debit. Please visit HOW TO PAY page for more information.

We take time to update your payment. We will also make a friendly reminder for your upcoming payment.

We provide vehicle (car and motorcycle) insurance and personal accident insurance.

Insurance Theft Claim

  • Police report
  • Photocopy of IC
  • Photocopy of license
  • Key

Personal Accident Claim

  • Police report
  • Road tax
  • Photocopy of IC
  • Photocopy of license
  • Death certificate, if any

Other relevant document/ information might be needed during the claim process. Please keep in touch with us.

Upon confirmation of your payment, 1-3 working days are required to process your road tax renewal. Our customer service team will contact you once the road tax is ready. Please stay connected with us.

Motorcycle owner is required to come ahead to our counter with own's identification card for collection of grant. The motorcycle grant is only available for collection at 12.30pm and 5.30pm from Monday to Friday only.

Please be informed that grant can only be collected by owner only. We also provide delivery of grant if owner is not available to visit our counter.

Any collection by third party on behalf of the owner requires an authorisation letter and photocopy of owner IC prepared and signed by owner. Signature must be same as Hire Purchase agreement.

You may call 04-540222 for further information.

We provide Hire Purchase loan mainly for motorcycle.

We provide NEW & USED motorcycle loan.

Bike below 250cc:

  • New: Up to 60 months
  • Used: Up to 48 months

Bike above 250cc:

  • Up to 60 months

10% per annum. (0.83333% per month)

A minimum 10% of down payment is required for Hire Purchase loan.

Reminder letters will be issued to you as well as legal actions will be taken against you according to Hire Purchase Act 1967.

You may visit our website or call 04-5402222.

Please call 04-5402222 to update your information. You may also fill in the contact box at Contact Us page.

Latest information is required for us to keep in touch with you. Hence, please update your information from time to time.